Kanako Yanagihara returns to TV after maternity leave

It was announced on the 14th that the talent Kanako Yanagihara [34] will return to the TV on the Fuji TV variety "Tonight is Nazotre Kawayanagi Shitenno 2020 ~ Summer ~" [7 pm] broadcast on the 21st. He married a Fuji TV employee who was one year older on February 4, last year, and gave birth to his eldest daughter, the first child, on November 18, and was on maternity leave.

This is Yanagihara, who has been recording for the first time in 1 year and 4 months with Taka and Toshi and Tetsuhei Arita as "The Four Kings of Kawayanagi". When MC Shinya Ueda called out "Congratulations," he burst into tears. In the future, he will return to regular performance at "Tonight is Nazotre" [Tuesday 7:00 pm].

Yanagihara said, “I thought I wouldn't come here. I didn't want to do too many simulations in myself, but when I met you all, I was happy to participate in the recording in this way. I didn't expect to cry," he recalled.

Four thousand heads, the heroine at 3 o'clock, Pekopa, and other comedian news stars also participated in the recording. “During my maternity leave, people who are said to be the 7th generation of comedy were active, and today I felt the power seriously, so that is the highlight. I hope that you also look forward to teamwork."

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