Kanda Matsunojo's “Hakuyama” Invasion Banquet Call Karen Takizawa LOL

A popular narrator, Matsudajo Kanda [36], will be promoted to the thunder and will have a banquet on the 9th in Tokyo, with the name of Hakusan Kanda as the sixth generation.Shinosuke Tachikawa, Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki, President Rakugo Association Vice-Chairman Masazo Hayashiya In the spring, about 400 people involved in rakugo and talks, including Fumio Takada, attended.

Karen Takizawa [27], who co-stars on a TV show, says, "Matsunojo is full of charm, and I'm one of those who got stuck there. I was absorbed in the talk of Mr. Jou. My dream is that Hakuyama is included in the textbook and my photo is also posted. It was a lucky life to meet, "said the unique greeting Invited a laugh.

Matsunojo concluded with a greeting and said, "When I started, I promised my teacher, Kanda Matsukoi." Don't quit one. " Hakuyama is a heavy and heavy trace. In 20 or 30 years, I want to be the 6th generation Hakuyama that Matsunojo was happy to take over. "

The show will begin on the 11th at Shinjuku / Suehiro-tei, and will continue to the Asakusa Performing Arts Center, Ikebukuro Performing Arts Center and National Performing Arts Center.

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