Kanjani and others video live distribution "It was nice to have music"

On January 29, Johnny's Jr. Naniwa Men, Johnny's WEST, and Kanjani performed a special distribution, “Johnny ’s World World Happy Live with with YOU,” on the official YouTube channel of Johnny's Office.

Naniwa boy Daigo Nishihata [23] greeted the camera and said, "Are you enjoying YouTube distribution? Are you excited? We are Naniwa boys!" "I wish we could sing, dance, and make something smile. I'll do my best, so thank you!"

The next time Johnny's WEST sang “ Yeah, maybe '' at the beginning, some of the lyrics were changed to “ Let's wash your hands for the time '', “ Let's gargle '', “ Let's mask everyone '', “ Health care '' and change the new coronavirus Appealing prevention of infection. Nozomi Kotaki [23] said, "I was wondering if there was anything we could do, so I'm glad to be able to give you this way." Ryufuji Fujii [26] sent an ale saying, "I hope everyone will be fine, and let's work together and do our best in this situation."

Kanjani∞ performed while maintaining a certain distance between members. Shingo Murakami [38] explained, "It is about two meters away that infection can be prevented. We are also taking on the stage." Although it was distributed to the audience, Ryuhei Maruyama [36] recalled that "I sometimes did it on a stage where there were not many people before debut." When Tadayoshi Okura [34] gave him a hand saying, "I'm calling for a person," he looked back on his bitter memories, saying, "I remember it.

Finally, Akihiro Yasuda [35] commented, "I'm grateful that the music is there. I'm happy to be reminded by putting it on the sound. Kanjani is 16 years old. There were many twists and turns. But I'm glad we were able to deliver our voice this way. "

Between the performances of each group, HiHi Jets and others appeared, and a VCR of hand-washing dance performed by Yara Asayuki [37] choreographed. Also, a video of Sexy @ Zone working on an original mask was released, and Fuma Kikuchi [25] called on everyone to create a cute mask.

Tomorrow, 30th Tomohisa Yamashita, TravisaviJapan, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, KAT-TUN, A.B.C-Z, King & Prince will appear in the distribution from 8pm.

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