Kanjani Ryuhei Maruyama starred in a series of consecutive dramas at WOWOW

It was found on the 14th that Kanjani Eight Ryuhei Maruyama [36] will star in the WOWOW series drama “Oedo Great Journey-The Ise-Seri” scheduled to be broadcast next year. This is the first drama appearance in 13 years since the TBS drama “Wawaiya Iri-Women's Shinsengumi” in 2007. Plays a bad Edo man who aims at Ise Shrine.

The stage of the drama is 1830 [Tenpomoto]. Tatsugoro [Maruyama], formerly known as a legendary gambler, was completely thrown away by Tsuki and suffered a large amount of debt. No man, no money, no luck, no morals, but from a lot of things, he left for Ise as a representative of Nagaya. After encountering strange people, I am aiming for Ise Jingu Shrine while being hit by troubles and troubles.

In this work, the original script writer Akihiro Dobashi and director Katsuhide Motoki will form a tag since the 14-year movie “Super Advertising! Mr. Dobashi says, “I think he will play funny and emotional characters that are funny, but interesting.” Director Motoki also said, “We look forward to overcoming the hardships that come down lightly with the acting skills that cheer up all the people we have.”

Shooting has already begun. Maruyama was very honored to have a role from “Takumi” [Director Motoki and Mr. Dobashi], so we borrowed the chest with a sense of security and gained confidence every time we repeated the scene. I want to go! " “I want to leave the emotions that were born on the spot at the moment of filming in the video as they are. "Enthusiastic."

◆ "Oedo Great Journey-The Ise Visit" is based on a novel by Dobashi's novel "Thank you for being a dog dog." Togoro who decided to participate in the “Thank you Visit” once in 60 years, Karasuma of the Daishiro dog [dog who visits Ise on behalf of the owner] met on the way, Sankichi who has escaped from the service, there is a translation To pretend to be a family from the beauty Saya and a lot of things. Aiming for Ise Jingu while being chased from debtor's debt collection.

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