Kansai University is the entrepreneurial soul will foster and support.

The current situation, and seven months will be long enough for recovery,the North guru Corporation [Northern master]founder President:Kinoshita 勝寿 Mr. and phone interviews got a chance to. And”oligosaccharide”utilizing health food/functional foods, and hyaluronic acid based skin care cosmetics business sales across the country were companies.

【Here】The North master of the why,the entrepreneurial land of Hokkaido for some

Kinoshita says,”from childhood[vague as you want and order],the President wanted”and. It is an opportunity[off the record of the promise]to hear about the smile, but also felt.

Kansai University learned. The person from the”University within the company to launch the soil is cultivated or not. My entrepreneurship business management・the joy of fun and learned. After graduation without hesitation,to many entrepreneurs who has been a client for 5 years, and the deadline for the job. And after 5 years I left and Entrepreneurship,”said Heard.

The North master of Xing or not. Also North of the gurus ranging from the”seven rolling success is not a destination but a journey”not a few failed repeatedly. To fail and to hand the gold to the bottom, the two fall into a state of manual labor in the spirit to produce the life one of the entrepreneurs I thought to prepare. One Finance and Economics newspaper,the North master of the success of Kinoshita Mr.”fact is stranger than fiction”locus of I think.

And 8 on to the delivery Hall of Nakamura 利江 Chairman of the Tokyo head office directly reporting to the setup was. Nakamura says about all that in,ahead of Kinoshita and Mr. common met. “Kansai University-Born”is.

Nakamura also”soil”was raised by. Currently within College,this business. Always lessons to be late schoolboy has leaked word tips. “The girl cute voice in it or not be late on”. Gather your allies”hotel business”was launched. Professional baseball like the students, the favourite team won at the”congratulations”and the call options to be had.

Nakamura is a city of Dreams creation Committee [currently,delivery hall], she was,from its inception of Year 2 in 2001. Sales per month, 2 million yen. Total debt of 3 billion yen. Founder and events in 追訴 it was at the time.

Dear all, in the course of the writer:warranty, expressed or implied, and Mr. interlocutor reading. Actually, Nakamura is a 6 month President President. The LINE from 300 billion yen of the equity, and the LINE from the President is sent was the result. Murakami’s the frame of mind to ask that question to Nakamura is”not so much to hear from the”face it”[300 billion yen] to develop a system for use”and joyfully said. Murakami was the talk after the editorial note in the”uber sweet and the struggle to lose is not do. [Nakamura]delivery of a poster child of”and wrote.

Nakamura is driven by”delivery Hall story”is also one,University of Finance and Economics in the newspaper the details I want. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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