Kantere newcomer Tateyama Ana suddenly appeared! Koyabu MC new program

The talk variety program "Koyab and Muriyari Experience Team-Today, the story of the next seat is a lot of Omoloi-" [Kansai Local] will be broadcast from midnight on the 29th.

Seina Tateyama [22], who joined Kantere as an announcer from April, will be the first assistant.

In the show, entertainers go to "Muriyari" where they usually do not go and meet "Muryari" with special people they do not interact with in order to get interesting talk episodes. We will show off the exciting “experience stories” obtained there.

Smile, Two Tribe, and Cellulite Spa will appear. Koyabu listens to the experience of entertainers side by side at a izakaya, and Tanayama Anna dressed as a part-time job clerk assists the process.

Too Tribe went to Wakayama to capture a giant creature called the "Red Monster" with a lively story. Cellulite Spa seeks the treasure of Shiro Amakusa with a person who has been working as a treasure hunter for more than 40 years in Kumamoto Prefecture.

After the recording, Koyabu said, "The most impressive thing was that the young talkers were more proficient than I had imagined. I think there are still many young people in Osaka who can speak so well. I was looking back. "

Tateyama Anna said, "I've always loved watching comics, and I'm happy to be able to perform with the entertainers who watched on TV from a young age, such as Smile. I thought that the entertainers who really helped me laugh were really amazing. "

My first assistant said, "Everything you talked about was interesting, so I didn't feel much nervous, and instead I enjoyed it purely as a viewer. This time I could only laugh, but in the future I'd like to study and make the variety show exciting. "

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