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“Kate Skin Color Control Base”, which can be placed on the upper floor, is a high-performance base that can be freely grown from above the foundation

A new sensory control base with an upland function is born!

KateReleased on November 1, 2019"Kate Skin Color Control Base"Is a new type of base makeup item that can be used not only as a foundation but also from the foundation. Twitter also talks about #Uwanuria Trier, which is available on the official website! I tried using “Kate Skin Color Control Base”, which can be freely deposited from above the foundation.

Not just the groundwork! Control base that can be manipulated freely using the upper ground

Kanebo CosmeticsBorn from Kate"Kate Skin Color Control Base" (4 colors, 24ml, 1500 yen excluding tax / editorial department survey, released on November 1, 2019)Is an item that overturns the conventional control base. This item can be used not only from the groundwork but also from the foundation.

It has a foundation function that covers skin pores and adjusts the skin color you care about, and a foundation function that allows you to fit and control the color of the foundation.

4 colors to choose from

Available in four colors: Nudy White, Pink, Lavender and Green. The color can be selected according to the color effect when using the groundwork or the top.

Nudy white: foundation use → pore unevenness / color unevenness cover / upper use → solid nose stripes

Pink: Use the base → Cover the complexion you are interested in.

Lavender: Using the base → Covering the dullness of the face, Using the upper ground → Transparency on the cheek

Green: Using the groundwork → Covering redness / acne marks • Using the upperland → Healthy feeling in the eyes

For clear skin with dullness off

The main thing I tried this time is a lavender that covers the dullness of the skin and gives a clear feeling.

Looking at the texture by hand …

It is a rich texture that is not watery but has a high elongation and is not sticky.

As I extended to the entire cheeks, I gradually became familiar with the purple color at the beginning, although I was worried about the purple color.

Covers the dullness of your skin and makes your skin light and smooth.

After using the liquid foundation, try layering the colors on the cheeks.

Because it has a high degree of adhesion, it was finished without twisting over the foundation!

The cheeks naturally tone up for a more transparent and three-dimensional skin impression.

By the way, it was reasonably moist and less sticky, so even if it was used from above the powder foundation, it had a smooth finish. The point is to apply it carefully.

Each color you want to use together

Let's look at the finish using other colors.

Nudy white

It adds a gloss and gives a three-dimensional effect.


If you add a little pink, it will naturally improve your sensation. Natural and cute atmosphere.


The green that holds redness can be used to create a healthy impression when used above the eyelids and under the eyes.

I was worried that there was no makeup breakage other than unevenness because I used it over the foundation, but I didn't have to worry about it. By using “Kate Skin Color Control Base”, it will be finished to a higher-grade skin, and makeup will be more fun.

Purchase from online stores such as drugstore and Amazon.

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