Katsaku Kuratsubo is No. 1 @ Speed ​​Skating World Junior

The World Junior Championships for Speed ​​Skating will be held on October 21 in Tomasov Mazowiecki, Poland. Katsaku Kuratsubo [Nagano / Okaya Minami-Taka] is the 1st place with 35 seconds 27th at Men's 500m, and Mori Shigeko [Collegiate Univ.] Is 3rd. It was rank. For the men's 1500m, Tsubasa Horikawa [College of Technology] was 1st at 1:49:48. For girls, Moe Kumagai [Yamanashi Gakuin University] was second with 500 meters, and Momoka Horikawa [Shirakaba Gakuen High School, Hokkaido] was fourth with 1500 meters. [Joint]

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