Katsuki Nishina “Fishing with my father in heaven…”

Katsumoto Nishina [37], the second son of Hiroki Matsukata [74], who died in 2017, mourned the late father's best friend Ikuo Umemiya.

On the 12th, Nishina renewed the Instagram and uploaded a two-shot of Matsukata and Umemiya. “When I was little, when I went to my father's program, I said“ Masaki ”and“ Masaki ”and I still remembered making rice balls every day.” “Thank you very much for your help. Thank you. Please do your favorite fishing with your father in heaven again.

Umemiya-san died at 7:40 am on December 12 at a hospital in Kanagawa due to chronic renal failure. I was 81 years old.

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