Katsuo Matsumoto will evolve at the US Highland Training Camp in "Shinbonito"

Last summer, the men's 200 meter freestyle silver medal Katsuo Matsumoto [22 = Central Sports] left for the U.S. Highlands Camp on the 11th. Enhancements for about one month toward the Japan Championship [April 1-8, Tokyo Aquatics Center], which also serves as the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] representative selection.

"The next is the Japan Championship. I feel tighter. I want to evolve at the highland training camp. I want to be a" Shinbonito "." When asked about Shinkatsuo's words, "Is it an evolutionary bonito or a thin bonito?" Matsumoto always said, "It's" Katsuo ". He carefully explained that he is putting on "ka" of evolution and "ka" of bonito.

His real name is "Katsuhiro", but his nickname is "bonito". He is willing to make efforts for the Tokyo Olympics gold medal, which exceeds the silver medal last summer. The goal of the Japanese Championship is set to the 1'44s level, exceeding his own record of 1'45.22. "I want to gain momentum for the Olympics."

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