Katsura Zakoba, "Naniwa Couples Hakkei" played by the late Master of the Americas

The 12 production announcements of the comedy “Naniwa Married Hachikei, Kinoko and Kinoko and Disciple Disciples” [February 1-16, next year, Osaka], depicting the late Mr. and Mrs. Katsura Yoncho who were one of the upper rakugo four heavenly kings. The event was held in Osaka, Japan, attended by Tsubasa Makoto [55], Toshio Tsuji [57], Hiroki Uchi [33] and Zakuba Katsura [72].

Zakoba suffered from a cerebral infarction in 17 years, returned to work after rest, but this time is the stage return. “Sometimes I do n’t come out while I ’m talking, but I ’d like to hear from you.”

Zakoba plays the master of Mr. Yone morning, the former American corps officer. “I've never met, but I think I was a smart person. I'll study again,” he said.

Zakoba lost his father when he was seven years old, and he was apprenticed to Mr. Yone Morning at the age of 15. Ms. Yone morning was sung like a real father, and even after completing the disciple training, the wife and her wife were treated like real parents. In Zakoba's brothers, there was the late Katsura Sojaku, who was called a genius.

Zakoba said about Mr. and Mrs. Yone morning, “The teacher gave me the money. The mom was the one who gave me the rice.” “Cha-chan [Mr. Yone Morning] gave me a frustration. When I was relieved, I said, “Why don't you follow the eagle?” ”She recalled.

“Cha-chan” is a copy of the call of the father of the Rakugo writer, Katsame Rice Dan [60], who was the eldest son of Mr. Yone Morning. use.

For Zakoba, after a long time, he said with a smile, "The body is good. The brain is clear. The brain is not good. The script doesn't come in. The aftereffects."

Before the interview, Mr. and Mrs. Yone morning, he said, while he was playing Osamu Yonedan, he said, “Do n’t ask. talked.

The inside was eager to say, "I don't know anything about this world, so I will study one by one." Kansai Johnny's Jr. As he said, his thoughts on Osaka Shochikuza, who took the first stage, said, “It was a theater that Johnny loved.”

Rice dumping also appeared at the interview. Sakai should resemble his father, “the atmosphere of seeing things totally overlaps”. Makoto told her, “My mother was fat late, but it looks just like when I was young.”

Makoto plays Mrs. Yoko Asa. Mr. Kinuko said, “When you see the video, it ’s Kansai dialect. But sometimes you ’re a game master, a woman who loves and fights.

“I am an important and wonderful role. I think I will tighten myself.

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