Kawai's sisters return to V-Triumph return to the Olympics

Risa Kawai [25 = Japan Beverage], a 57-kilometer girl who won the Asian Championship in Wrestling, and Tomoko [22 = Shigakukan University], a 62-kilometer younger sister, returned home from India on the 23rd.

At the first Abek V in the international tournament, my sister said, “ I am glad that the results are honest, but I have come to want to win a gold medal in the world, so there is still more to go, '' and the Tokyo Olympics decided as the representative Suppressed the joy of being crowned in. My sister said, "We aim to be the best in the world with two people. I feel like I'm going to go to the Olympics again."

Due to the new coronavirus, Chinese and North Korean players missed the tournament. A strong man who wanted to match his skin in anticipation of the Olympics. Risako says, "I'm not saying that I'm unsatisfied, but there are no two players I wanted to do before the Olympics. But it's no wonder that this has happened. I tried to do it. " This is expected to be the last game before the Olympics.

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