Kaya Kiyohara provided the theme song and Cocco song for the first movie

It was revealed on the 30th that actress Kaya Kiyohara [18] will sing the theme song "We are now and then we" of the movie "The Most Adorable Roof in the Universe" [Director Fujii Michito] starring for the first time. Also, the release of the work was decided on September 4th.

Kiyohara appeared in the movie "Day and Night" released last year, which Fujii took a megaphone. In the same work, the theme song "Kimagure Cloud" is sung in the name of Nana Ono, but this is the first time to sing in the name of the person. The song was newly written by singer-songwriter Cocco, and it was decided to release on September 2nd, two days before the release, and it will also make its CD debut.

The film is based on the novel by the author Tomoko Nonaka. It is a moving fantasy that depicts 14-year-old Tsubame Oishi, played by Kiyohara, who encounters a funky old lady “Hoshibaa” in a kick skater played by Kaori Momoi and grows up in the summer experience.

Regarding the CD debut song, it is called "a song that spreads widely and deeply into a very important work" and "I thought that I could sing such a wonderful song, but it is delivered because I am a swallow. I'm really happy if there is something."

The recording set in tension. However, Cocco said, "Singing is a means," and said, "I felt like my body was surrounded by warm air." “It was hard to replace the recording that I had while looking for the meaning of “means” beyond Cocco's straight line of sight,” he recalled. "I would appreciate it if you could touch this song a little even in the "now" when a single girl named Tsubame is alive," commented.

Cocco, who provided the song, said, "Tsubame-chan's voice seemed to be heard on the song as soon as I finished watching the movie," "We all hurt, were loved, seek love, and love "Kaya Kiyohara sang brilliantly with the overwhelming transparency of the message that he walked each life while repeating the life activity that conveys the message."

Kiyohara's second film, Fujii, said, "I'm proud that Kiyohara's stagnant singing voice made the lingering sound of this movie many times larger," he said, "I became an adult. I hope that this movie will reach as many people as possible, to all of you and to adults.”

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