Kazunari Atobe wins consecutive victory, jet lag and blunder

Men's 5,000 meters won the championship last year with a new championship last year of 6: 31.11 by champion Aristo Ato [Shirakaba Gakuen, 3rd year].

A 3,000 meter champion of the Junior World Cup last November and a 1500-meter gold medal on the 13th of this month won a victory with five seconds and 56 points behind second place. I just returned home on the 18th. He gave a result in the midst of jet lag and said, "I spent a nap after returning home. It was difficult to adjust, but I slept mysteriously the previous day. I was happy to win."

The blunder tightened my feelings. Forget the passport at the Youth Olympics [Switzerland] at the beginning of the year and head to Obihiro Airport. I hurriedly delayed my first flight and got me delivered so I was in time for the expedition. "I couldn't afford to lose because of the annoyance," he said.

The 10,000 meter [25th], which won the whole country in one year, was also registered as a substitute, but Takashi Wada [43] said, "If there is good condition, there is a possibility of going out." Entered college from April. In the last year of high school, he goes to the third place to get his "forgotten items".

和 Kazuya Yamada [3rd grader in Ikeda], 5,000m 2nd place for boys “[New to the tournament] The record is good and growing. [Takasaki Health and Welfare University has been decided.] I want to further strengthen my university.”

優 Yuuto Tanigaki [3rd year in Shirakaba Gakuen], 3rd place in the boy's 5000 meters, "I got influenza twice in November and mid-December. Immediately after recovery, I overtake all high school skating groups and lost my balance. It continued to be painful, but I'm glad to stand on my first national podium. "

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