Keigo Higashino, "What's so crazy?"

The other day, we interviewed the presentation ceremony of Keigo Higashino, a writer who won the Noma Publishing Culture Award. There were many wonderful stories about the authors, and Mr. Higashino's greeting was excellent.

“ I would like to talk about the future, '' said Higashino, saying, “ When I was a child, in the 21st century, I calculated how old I was, and when I knew I was 43, what was it? Is it such a jizzy? " 18 years later, she is now 61. "I think I was young when I looked back at the age of 43," he said.

He continued, "I think you must be young when you look back at the age of 61, this time next year or ten years later, when I won the Noma Publishing Culture Prize. Many people may live up to the age of 100, remembering me when I was 80, and when I was young, I think there was a lot I could do at that time. "

A story that everyone can sympathize with. After that, a story that I really think comes up.

"Today, the youngest of your life from tomorrow is today. I will also be one year next year, but today is the youngest, so today is the best, In my life. "

As the population ages, I hear the term 100 years. I will live well with the "now" coming. It felt like pushing everyone's back, not just the elderly.

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