“Keisei Nakamura” of two Koma University is key man of Hakone conquest

Komadai released its practice for the 96th Hakone Ekiden [January 2 and 3 next year] on the 17th. The OB Takumi Nakamura [27 = Fujitsu] who won the Tokyo Olympics ticket by winning the Marathon Grand Championship [MGC] in September has a great effect. Practice and talk together just before MGC. The key man of Hakone's conquest for the first time in 11 years inspired by the brave figure that I saw in the near future is “Nakamura Taisei”.

Taisei Nakamura [4th year], who is influential in the 6th ward, has been increasing his ability, such as renewing his self-new in the half marathon at 5000 meters and 10,000 meters this year. “Takumi-san was injured just before, but it ’s amazing to get results in time with the game.” The same Fujitsu company has been decided, “I saw that run and I wanted to aim for the Olympics at 10,000 meters.

Captain Daiki Nakamura [4 years] said, “I felt that my practice menu was correct and I felt I could do it.” This season, Izumo is 2nd, and Japan is 3rd.

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