Keisuke Kuwata "I was number one" Mieko Hirota Mourning

Southern All Stars Keisuke Kuwata [64] appeared on TOKYO FM "Keiko Kuwata's Easy Nightlife" [Saturday 11:00 pm], a regular personality on the 1st, and singer Mieda Hirota [real name] who died at the age of 73 on the 21st of last month・Mr. Mieko Takenaga].

Kuwata is known as a fan of Mr. Hirota, and the song "MICO" with the title nicknamed "Mr. Hirota" is included in the album "Kirei" released in 1983. At the beginning of the program, Kuwata reported, "The other day, my darling, all my generation, the singer "MICO-chan", Mieko Hirota passed away." In the past, I introduced an email from a fan who recalled that Kuwata sang Hirota's representative song "Ninge no Ie" at a live concert. A fan of that generation, who grew up listening to Mr. Hirota's singing voice every day on TV radio. Mr. Hirota was the number one. At that time, I couldn't say the word punch girl."

On top of that, Kuwata mourned, "Thanks to Astro Boy, Ayako Hirota and Ms. Ueki for our youth. Thank you. Please take a good rest."

Mr. Hirota made his debut in 1961 [Showa 36] with "I'm not a child." The following year, he made his first appearance in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen at "Vacation". "Ningyo no Ie", which was announced in 1969, was a huge hit and won the Japan Record Award for Singing.

Mr. Hirota fell down on July 20 at his home in Chiba prefecture and was transferred to a hospital in the prefecture, but died of heart failure at 10:31 pm the following day on the 21st.

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