Keita Inagaki's laughing callout poster Kumagai

In an attempt to regain the vitality of the city that was lost due to the new coronavirus, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture created a poster using Keita Inagaki who was active in last year's Rugby World Cup [World Cup]. It was shown on the 29th.

Inagaki, who has the nickname "A man who doesn't laugh," sticks out in stores and public facilities with a design that calls for "everyone to laugh" without expressing his expression.

According to the City Commerce and Industry Promotion Division, about 1,500 sheets were made with the cooperation of Panasonic Wild Knights, a team of Inagaki who has announced that he will relocate to the city. The aim is to support business operators, cheer up citizens, and lead to an economic recovery.

Kumagaya City is very popular for rugby, and there is the prefectural Kumagaya rugby field, which was also the venue for the World Cup. [Joint]

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