Keita Machida "The Energy of Nine People" Theatrical Company EXILE Stage

Theatrical company EXILE performed the first day performance of the stage "The bell rings for the brave" at TBS Akasaka ACT Theater on the 24th.

This is the first time the troupe has performed alone in five years, and it is the first time that all nine members of the troupe have appeared. Keita Machida [29] says, "There are no other ensembles and only nine people are out. I want to bring out the energy of these nine people. Everyone is strong and I am looking forward to today." did.

Nine people gathered in the world of the popular online game "IGNITION" to sell their own original characters and challenge the quest while talking with friends. Shintaro Akiyama [37] foretold that "because it is an interactive entertainment, it will be created together with the audience."

In a training session that began in early December, Yuta Ozawa [34], who also produces a dish menu for rice bowls, provided members with handmade beef bowls and keema curry. Sho Aoyagi [34] said, "I was able to eat and get together." However, at the LDH site, posting from HIRO [50] was also a topic every time, and even on this day there were questions from the press, but SWAY [33] said, "I have a lot, but if I say something, I'll stop it because it's all about the topic. "

The stage will be held in Tokyo until February 2 at the same venue, and from February 13-16 at the Umeda Art Theater Main Hall in Osaka.

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