Ken-ichi Kato and 71-year-old Sato B co-star for the first time in a masterpiece comedy

Ken'ichi Kato [70] and B. Sato [71] will co-star for the first time in Ken'ichi Kato office performance "Sunshine Boys" [May 7-17, Honda Theater in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo].

A masterpiece about whether the two dugouts will revive the famous combination for the first time in 11 years, with Lewis & Clark said to be the best combination born in the golden age of comedy in the work of popular American playwright Neil Simon. comedy.

Kato, who is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the office and the 50th anniversary of the life of the actors this year, said, “We wanted to make a memorable and memorable performance. I had never done this, and when I looked for something that could be played with Mr. B on this occasion, I remembered this masterpiece. "

The B work also formed the theater company "Tokyo Vaudville Show" in 1973 and chaired it for 47 years. Kato said, "It's strange that I didn't play together for such a long time. There are many scenes in which two people perform, and I'm looking forward to being able to fight on the stage." I respect the cleanliness of that way of life and how I have a distance from the theatre.How Kato-san plays and how I get involved with it, and the "heartbeat" I get there. Is more fun than anything else. "

In 1980, Kato staged a one-man play "Referee" as the first performance of the office, and this time is the 107th performance. “ It is our work that is said to be a work like painting on water, but I believe that some scenes that stopped in the memory of the people who saw it enriched their life, I want to continue to stand on the stage with all my spirit. "

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