Ken Sato co-stars with Hiroshi Abe for the first time in 10 years: suspect and criminal

Actor Ken Sato [31] has been found to star in the movie "To the Unprotected", which director Takahisa Seto takes a megaphone on 27th. We start shooting in April.

The film is a mystery film by the novelist Shichiri Nakayama, dubbed the Emperor of Donden. In a story that continues from an event that began in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake to the present, Sato plays the role of Yasuhisa Tone, a suspect of a murderous serial murder that is left with his whole body tied and starved.

Sato said, “ I think that the people who hide behind the system of welfare, the tremendous incompetence, sadness, and the indignation and anger that I do not know where to go, are the ones in this work. I think it's the role of ".

Director Seto will be the first tag in three years since "Bride over 8 years-true story of a miracle" released in 2017. "I had a two-month location with Okayama last time with the director, but this time in Miyagi, and for a while, I will be immersed in the rich movie world of Sesagumi."

Hiroshi Abe plays the role of Seiichiro Toshino, a detective in pursuit of Tone. It's been 10 years since Sato was co-starred in "Theatrical Version TRICK: Spirit Royalist Battle Royale". "I will be a criminal in pursuit of a mysterious serial murder, but there is a feeling and expectation that it will be a criminal image different from before, and I am looking forward to entering the shooting site from now on," he said, "The stage of this story is It will be in the Tohoku region centered on Miyagi Prefecture, but I hope that we can connect memories and feelings through stories to not only weather the natural disaster that has occurred in various parts of Japan but also the Great East Japan Earthquake. '' Was.

The cast members are also gorgeous members. Kayasu Kiyohara plays the role of Mikiko Maruyama as a case worker and a worker at the Health and Welfare Health Office, Hidetaka Yoshioka plays the role of Governor Uezaki of Parliament, and Tomohiko Hasuda plays junior Tomodashino as the detective of the Miyagi Prefectural Police Investigation Division 1. Mitsuko plays the role of Kei Tonoshima, who currently owns a shop but is bereaveated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and now lives alone.

Director Seto says, "There are a variety of issues we need to confront now. In addition to responding to the new coronavirus, we are alive in a number of issues. We haven't seen the goal yet, but in this challenging situation, both the cast and the staff are eager to pursue the meaning of making a movie. I think it's our job and living. "

The work will be released this winter.

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