Ken Sato: "Koi Tsuzuzu" special episode final story "Tendo" "Kitchen Kiss" another ang …

Actress Moegami Shiraishi and actor Ken Sato co-starred in the January-March drama, "Koi wa Tsutsuyo wo dare mo [Koi tsu zu]" [TBS series], "Koi wa Tsutsuyo wo wo wo te kukun kyun! Hen-Final episode "was broadcast on May 12. At the beginning, there is a scene in which Kairi, who plays Sato-san, kisses Nanase Sakura, who plays Kamishiroishi, who prepares breakfast in the kitchen. Since it was a different angle from the time of the main broadcast, the viewers were very excited that "the angle of the kiss was different", "the different angle was the best", and "it just looks different at different angles".

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