Kengo Takara from Kumamoto "I just wish everyone's safety."

Kengo Takara [32], an actor from Kumamoto Prefecture, said that the Kuma River was flooded by heavy rain, and he said, "There is no further damage, there is also a corona, so my nerves do not wear out and there is no rumor I just pray for the safety of everyone who works hard in the field."

On the 6th, Takara updated his blog with the title "I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all the victims." “I am surprised to see the state of the Kuma River in the news,” he wrote.

"Since I had a job in Kyushu this month, I was planning to return to Kumamoto and go to Hitoyoshi and the Kuma area at that time." “I had never been to Hitoyoshi, and it was a place I would like to visit someday, so I was planning to take this train, see the scenery here, and stay at this inn, I gave up because it was this situation.I think that I should have been going, so I have more thoughts," he said, "The damage will not spread anymore, there is also corona, so my nerves will not be worn away further, no rumor damage," I just pray for the safety of everyone who works hard in the field."

Also, “I am not able to move easily now, so I am looking for a place where I can reach the people and places I need as directly as possible,” spelling on the support, “I can not say simple things, but please Even in this situation, please cherish your heart without blaming anything."

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