Kenji Tamura 100,000 yen fund abandonment "100% responsibility …"

Kenji Tamura [47], a comedian, reported that he had abandoned the creation of the "100,000 yen fund" that uses 100,000 yen provided by the government as an emergency economic measure for the new coronavirus, "In addition, eradicate corona in a different way" I would like to contribute to. "

On the 18th of last month, Tamura posted on Twitter “ If you apply, it seems that the country will give 100,000 yen, but at first I thought that I should not apply, but I do not know what it will be used even if I deposit it in the country, so I do not have a sense of speed, I wonder if it would be possible to gather everyone who can stand up even if they don't have 100,000 yen to make something like the "100,000 yen fund.

However, on the 8th, on Instagram, “It was the“ 100,000 yen fund ”that we received many opinions from, but this time we decided to give up”. “ I tried various things, but I could not take 100% responsibility for the valuable money you keep, so I came to the conclusion that the fund could not be launched. He said, "I would like to contribute to the eradication of corona in a different way."

He himself said that he would use 100,000 yen as a benefit, "I'm a human being raised in Osaka, so I would like to entrust it to the" Osaka Prefecture New Coronavirus Helping Fund "." Please think about how to use it! "

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