Kento Momoda is sure to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Kento Momoda [25 = NTT East Japan], the world's No. 1 badminton men's singles, confirmed that he will participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year. Participated in World Tour Final, which opened in Guangzhou, China on the 11th. Now, even if you miss a future international tournament, it is expected that the conditions will be met.

On that day, Momoda started 2-0 in Oji Wei [Taiwan]. Momota, who continues to make great strides in the fight for the Tokyo Olympics, has made it to the Olympics by participating in this tournament. This season, she won the international tournament 10 times, including the second consecutive world championship. A lot of world ranking points were accumulated.

The last year's Rio Janeiro Olympics was a gold medal candidate of a great favorite. However, the illegal gambling problem was discovered, the suspension was suspended, and the Olympics were lost. 4 years since setback. On his own, he won a chance to revenge on the local stage.

The right to participate in the Olympics will be determined based on the world ranking dated April 28th. Each country / region has 2 slots.

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