Kento Momota with right orbital floor fracture is discharged from hospital.

Kento Momota [25], who is ranked number one in badminton men's singles world rankings, left the hospital on the morning of the 13th.

Affiliation NTT East announced. Momota complained of an unusual event such as the shuttle appearing to be doubled during the training camp on the 4th, and left on the 5th. On the 7th, a fracture of the right orbit [cancer] floor was found, and he had surgery on the 8th and was hospitalized.

According to NTT East, the postoperative course was good, there were no problems with life such as eating, and the patient recovered from the hospital. However, only light exercise will be performed in order to concentrate on treatment for a while. Prospect of practice resumed using the racket at the moment is not standing.

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