"KI" for iPhone basics No. 382 Let's do multiple operations with one tap-"Shortcut" application

Did you get a general idea of ​​the “shortcut” app introduced last time? This time, we will introduce how to use more complicated operations with one tap.

Shortcut to complete the morning classic with one tap

Last time, I created a shortcut to send the latest photo as a message. However, shortcuts can be used to automate several operations in succession.

Here, let's get up in the morning, pick up the iPhone, and use the shortcut of "Play music → check weather → check today's schedule" as a shortcut.

  • Open "My Shortcut" and tap "Create Shortcut" → "Add Action"

  • Tap "App" → "Music" → "Play music"

  • Tap the word "Music", select the song or playlist you want to play and tap "+"

  • Tap “+” → upper right “×” “x” → “place”

  • Select "Get current weather" → "+" → tap "x" in the upper right

  • Select "App" → "Calendar" → "Get upcoming events"

  • Tap "Show more" on the calendar → Select "Today" from "Day of the week"

  • Return to this screen as before, select "Scripting" → scroll down and tap "Show result" from "Notification" item

  • → Tap on "Upcoming Events" and tap the keyboard button above the options when such a screen appears

  • When the keyboard appears, tap the delete key once. The text "Result" appears in gray. Enter it as shown. "Weather conditions" and "Upcoming events" are inserted by tapping the fields above the keyboard. Tap “Done” when you can

  • Let's press the triangle button at the bottom right. An operation test is performed. If it is displayed like this, it is successful. Tap OK to return to the original screen

  • Tap “Next” → enter name and tap “Done”. You can change the color and glyph of the icon as you like

  • A button has been added to the "My Shortcut" screen. Tap to perform the previous operation

Now you can perform multiple operations you performed each morning with one tap. As introduced previously, you can quickly access this shortcut button by arranging it on the home screen or by having a "shortcut" resident on the widget screen.

Rearrange and re-edit shortcuts

Once created, the shortcut can be re-edited later.

  • Tap "…" at the top right of each shortcut to open the edit screen and re-edit

  • Tap "…" on the edit screen to edit the name or icon again

When the number of shortcuts increases, organize them on the "My Shortcuts" screen.

  • Tap "Edit" on the "My Shortcut" screen. If the icon starts to shake, check "○" → Tap the trash button to delete

  • Long press the shortcut in the above state → You can sort by dragging

However, wouldn't it be more convenient to automatically execute this shortcut without pressing a button when you get up? Next time, we will introduce how to use the new function "Automation".

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