"KI" for iPhone basics No. 386 Try it if you remember! "Tactile touch" function and how to use it

"3D Touch" on the screen, abolished in the iPhone 11 series. Instead, a new operation method "Haptic Touch" (= tactile touch) was installed. It is easy to forget the existence, but if you get used to it, it will help you operate faster.

What is tactile touch?

Haptic touch is one of the iPhone operating methods following taps and flicks. It was first installed on the iPhone XR released in 2018, and became the standard operating method for iOS 13 in 2019. It can be used not only for new models but also for all models of iPhone 6s and later with iOS 13 installed.

  • The new model only supports tactile touch. Earlier models will be able to use tactile touch when iOS 13 is installed

Tactile touch is almost "long press"

To use a tactile touch, touch the icon and hold your finger. It is similar to a long press, but it is characterized by a reaction coming back.

  • Touch the icon or menu and leave it for about 0.5 seconds. A small response is returned and a sub menu is displayed

What you can do with tactile touch

There are two main uses for tactile touch. One is the display of app submenus and shortcuts.

Let's touch the app icon tactilely. Various menus are displayed depending on the application, and you can quickly access the functions available in the application.

  • Tactile touch the app icon. The menu displayed differs depending on the application

  • Select "Edit Home Screen" from the displayed menu to move the application icon. Touch any icon is OK

The other is a preview of the content. You can preview the content by touching the Safari link, LINE talk room, email subject, etc. tactilely. The operation menu for the content is also displayed.

  • Touch the link in Safari to preview the content of the linked page

  • You can also see the contents of the email and the LINE talk room. Tactile touch will remain unread

By the way, the flashlight and camera on the lock screen are also activated by tactile touch.

  • Flash light and camera on lock screen. Does not respond when tapped, but opens with tactile touch

How to fine-tune tactile touch

Tactile touch response time can be fine-tuned in Settings. It is just a difference in feeling, but if you change it to a trial, the usability may change.

  • Open "Settings" and tap "Accessibility" → "Touch"

  • Open Haptic Touch and select Fast or Slow to change the time before responding. You can check by touching the screen below

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