"KI" for iPhone basics No. 387 Character input! With shortcut! 3 ways to make Siri more active

The first time Siri was unveiled was iOS 5 in October 2011. However, support for Japanese is available from the iOS 5.1 update on March 8, 2012. In short, the Japanese version of Siri will soon reach its 8th anniversary. However, people who do not use it for many years often do not use it. So, here are four ways to use it that people who don't use on a daily basis may find it useful.

<1> How to use alternative buttons when it is difficult to press and hold the side button

Instead of long pressing the home button, long press the side button to activate Siri on recent models. However, it is honest that it is a bit harder to press than the home button. An alternative is AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch is a translucent button that can be placed on the screen to assist in operation.

  • Open "Settings" and tap "Accessibility" → "Touch" → "AssistiveTouch"

  • Turn on "AssistiveTouch" switch, tap "Customize top menu" → "-" to make one button

  • Finally, if the "Siri" button remains, you can leave it as is. If the button is different, tap it, select "Siri" from the menu, and tap "Done"

This completes the settings.

  • Tap the AssistiveTouch button displayed on the screen to activate Siri. The position of the button can be moved by dragging

<2> How to ask Siri for text input

The biggest reason not to use Siri is that it's embarrassing to ask by voice. Then, the method of asking by character input instead of voice is recommended.

  • Open "Settings", tap "Accessibility" → "Siri" → turn on "Type Siri"

  • Press and hold the side button [or home button], Siri opens and a keyboard appears at the same time, you can type and ask

This makes it easier to use Siri at work and on the train. When started with "Hey Siri", it will be used by voice input as usual.

  • By the way, this setting is also recommended for Mac. Open "System Preferences" → "Accessibility" → "Siri"

<3> How to perform more complicated operations with Siri

Siri is evolving year by year, but you can't ask for much more complexity. However, the "shortcuts" introduced earlier can automatically execute fairly complicated operations. Tell Siri the title of the "shortcut" and let it run.

  • Register the operation you want to execute in "My Shortcut". The point is to keep the title as simple as possible

  • By telling Siri the shortcut title, the shortcut will be executed

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