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Kickboxing Gym Supports Online Health Support with Telework Tool "I Want to Knock Out the Coronavirus" (Resei Seinaga)-Engadget Japan Version

This is Seinaga who has recently suffered from lack of exercise.

Toikatsu Dojo, which runs a fitness gym and a kickbox gym in the center of Tokyo, started an online class for members from Saturday and Sunday.

This time, I was able to ask an online interview with Mr. Katsuta Toida, the president and former professional shooter. Then we will deliver it immediately.

"Really frustrating. I wanted to do it."

–Hello. Why did you start such an approach this time?

President Kazuya Toida [hereinafter referred to as Toida] "I think that the number of people who are unable to move due to waiting at home is increasing. The number of walks will decrease even if daily commuting is lost, I guess there are many people who are not going out on holidays. We started as a trial company as we thought that we could contribute to such a situation. First, it is for members.

–surely. I also exercise at home as much as I can, but I feel that I am lacking in exercise.

Toida: It has been reported that 80% of coronaviruses can be mildly ill."Resistance"It is said that. If you do not exercise enough, your resistance will drop, but now you have a hard time looking at the gym and fitness industry. In this frustrating feeling, you can do it online! So I decided to start. "

Toida: "We have also invited Mr. Hiroyuki Kogure, the director of the Ariake Children's Clinic, to take measures against coronavirus, but we have to think about what we can do in the atmosphere of today's world." [/ embed]

――I see, this time we started with a total of 100 people at the two stores. What kind of developments are you considering in the future?

Toida: Currently, for members only, Skype is a maximum of 50 people per class. However, I would like to increase the number of simultaneous connections by using ZOOM and other means. Notification and invitation of the day, starting with try and error. "

――This time is just a start, and it will be expanded and improved in the future.

Toida: "Yes, of course. We will expand and improve. We have kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, and yoga. We have a variety of content. We will increase these classes, increase the number of participants, and increase the number of classes. I would like to go to various places.I hope that you can also join the trial online. "

――Yes, I'm also letting you through, so I'm glad that happens. I haven't been able to go for two months now. Are you also considering streaming on YouTube Live or Nico Nico?

Toida: "Yes. First of all, we want to increase the number of participants and then eliminate the lack of exercise throughout Japan, so we will actively consider distribution on various platforms and archive distribution. Since little by little, the martial arts techniques have already begun to be uploaded on the official channel, so I'd be glad if you could subscribe to the official YouTube channel, and we'll expand this too. ! " [/ embed]

–Thank you very much.

Toikatsu Dojo Official Channel

What was characteristic this time was that fitness gyms and martial arts gyms, which are relatively “ sparse '' in IT, use the same teleworking know-how that is mainly used by IT companies to quickly follow the flow of the world. It was corresponding.

An adaptive creature is often called the strongest creature. I felt that adaptability.


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