Kihira Rika SP 6th, Kostrunaya 1st, Zakitowa 2nd

Kihira Rika [17 = Kansai University KFSC], aiming for the GP final victory, took 6th place with SP 70.71 points.

The triple axel at the beginning was disturbed by the weight outside the right foot after landing. The second three-turn loop was changed to a three-turn continuous jump [triple flip-triple toe loop], but when the triple toe loop landed, the balance was lost and it fell.

Aryna Kostrunaya [16 = Russia] of 85.45 points aiming for the first victory for the first time renewed his world highest and started first place. 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Queen Pyeongchang Olympics Arena Zakitowa [17 = Russia] followed with 79.60 points, followed by Anna Shervakova [15 = Russia] with 78.27 points . Brady Tennell [21 = 7 USA] is fourth, and Alexandra Trusova [15 = Russia] is fifth.

Free is lottery and Kihei is No. 2. Kosurunaya, the leader, will run No. 5, Zagitowa, No. 2, will finish No. 6, and Shelvakova, No. 3, will run No. 4.

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