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Kihira SP 6th place "I ran into tension …" struggled to adjust


The 18th GP Final Queen, Rika Kihira [17 = Kansai University KFSC] took 6th place with 70/71 points. At the beginning of the triple accelerator [three and a half rotations], the icing was disturbed, and the flip and toe loop continuous three-turn jump fell in the toe loop. The three-rotation loop landed, but two mistakes resonated and became the lowest start.

I had a hard time adjusting time. The official practice in the morning started at 9:45 and ended at 10:15. The actual women's SP started at 7:50 pm about 9 hours and 30 minutes later. “I was always prepared or dad and I was making make-up without any time to get nervous, but today I had a lot of time. "I didn't do anything, so I ran into tension and slept well, or just closed my eyes."

I was forced into a very tough situation for the championship. In order to aim for one higher rank, the four-turn sarco that has been practiced since last season is essential. As for whether to jump free on the 7th [Japan time 8th], I decided to decide whether or not to put it in according to the tone of tomorrow's practice.

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