Kikuchi Seisakusho significantly 4 days anti 20 years, 4 months 2nd quarter of the fiscal year operating income of 0. 08 billion, a Progress Rate of 3. 1% can not reach the planned concern/emerging markets snapshot

*10:27JST <3444> Kikuchi Seisakusho 755 -54
Significantly 4 days a row. 20 years, 4 months, 2nd quarter, fiscal year-to-date [19 years 5-10 months]of operating loss to 0. 08 billion surplus[fiscal year is 0. 20 billion of the deficit] and announced. The robot device or the like is extended on the other hand, prototype・mold products such as depressed. Full-year forecasts year on year to 123. 7% to 2. 56 billion of the surplus in deferred. The progress rate of 3. 1% and not reach the planned concerns from the sell spread. The stock price is 25 day, 200-day of each moving average was below the fall to spur seems to have. 《HH》

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