Kimiko living alone / Scarlet 19th week Synopsis

Here is an overview of the 19th week [February 10-15] of the NHK TV series "Scarlet" [Mon-Sat, 8:00 am].

Spring of 1979. Kimiko [Erika Toda] sends out Takeshi [Kentaro Ito] who learns pottery at Kyoto University of Art. After a while, Matsu [Yasuko Tomita] dies, and Kimiko lives alone.

When Takeshi is about to graduate from university, Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita] visits Kimiko from Nagoya. It's been 10 years since I met. Kimiko recognizes that Hachiro is still Takeshi's father. Takeshi becomes a research student at the Ceramic Research Institute in Shigaraki, following Kakei [Hiroyuki Onoe], a researcher of Kamikatsu, who he met during college. Takeshi leaves the house to become independent and lives part-time. Get acquainted with the research lab clerk Mana [Ruka Matsuda] and expand human relationships.

On the other hand, a woman who is a fan of the work appears under Kimiko who became one again. A former actress named Henri Koike [Setsuko Karasuma]. She is a daughter of a spinning company in Otsu, and now lives in Kobe, where she has a celebrity-like atmosphere and a full-blown atmosphere. Kimiko breaks up with her husband, and her son talks about the situation of her own independence. At that time, Chiyako [Miki Mizuno], now a member of the city council in Osaka, comes to visit.

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