Kimura Takuya talks about "SMAP songs" without touching Nakai

The actor and singer Takuya Kimura [47] played personality TOKYO FM "Flow" [Sunday at 11:30 AM], which was broadcast on the 23rd. About the interview of Masahiro Nakai [47] on the 21st, I didn't touch it.

Nevertheless, he talked about his solo live held on August 8 at the Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium in Tokyo. When I heard SMAP songs such as "Yoshizora Nomuko" and "SHAKE", when I heard "SMAP songs, what do you think I want to do?", The staff came together and thought. One-sidedly, if everyone in the audience was pleased, I wanted to do that, "said the backside of singing SMAP songs.

On the other hand, Kimura commented on the 22nd through the Johnny's Office in writing about leaving Nakai that "we will decide each other's future, let's move forward with each other."

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