Kirara tomorrow graduates from sexy actress

The popular sexy actress Kirara Asuka [31] announced on April 4 that she has turned into the entertainment world on her Instagram. Sexy actresses will graduate.

Asuka says, "I've been away from the AV industry for about 10 years since I worked hard for about 10 years, but this time I decided to officially graduate. I'm sorry to be surprised by the sudden announcement." And described.

He said that he was active in product production and models during the holidays for about two years, saying, “ To expand the range of activities today, I moved to the top rank management of entertainment offices from February 4 and worked hard on performing arts activities I want to go. "

Asuka debuted in 2007 as a sexy actress. In 2015, he expanded his range of activities, including becoming a member of the women's group Ebisu ★ Mascats. Its beauty and outstanding proportions have earned the support of many women as well as men.

Asuka said on Instagram, “ I'm afraid to challenge new things, but I'll do my best as much as I can and I'll be grateful for everything so that I can support you. "I wrote my passion for performing arts.

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