Kirin comes: “Dosan” Masahiro Motoki is in a state of mind “The spiritual life of the world of Sengoku is different from the present …

”NHK taiga drama“ Kirin comes ”starring actor Hiromi Hasegawa [general, Sunday at 8 pm]. The only MVP in the story so far is Masahiro Motoki, who plays Michizo Saito, a Mino viper and a feared man. In the 17th "Confrontation of Nagara River" broadcast on May 10, it is said that "The Battle of the Nagara River", in which Dozo lost his life to fight with the legitimate Takamasa [Mr. Hideaki Ito], "Dosan Loss" It's a situation where you haven't waited. "The modern world is truly an unpredictable world, but the spiritual life of the Sengoku world, where it was common for parents and children to compete for life, feels another harshness from this present," Motoki reveals. Talked about his current feelings.

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