Kiryu, Osako, Terada launch high school support project

Yoshihide Kiryu [24=Nippon Life], a 100-meter male runner, Osamu Osamu [29=Nike] a male marathon, and Asuka Terada [30=Pasona Group], a 100-meter obstacle for women, work together to form a high school. Explore ways to help high school students who are discontinued.

On the 3rd, a project titled "Nippon Life High School Athletics With Athlete Project" was announced. First of all, on the 12th, the 3 people will live stream the discussion on their official SNS. He said that he would talk about "inter high school cancellation", "high school days", "necessities for current high school students", "future activities", etc. We aim to create a form in which high school students who lose their goals and feel a great sense of loss can feed their children even a little.

Kiryu, who achieved the 100, 200, and 400-meter relay triple crowns during the third year of the Rakunan High School in Kyoto, said, "There were no inter-high qualifying or inter-high qualifying rounds in front of high school students. I received many comments on my SNS, such as "Is there anything I can do?" Based on my experience of participating in the qualifying tournament and the inter-high, what words can I say to current high school students and what kind of actions I can take with them We started this project because we wanted to work with these colleagues."

Nagasako and Saku Nagaseiko contributed to the national high school Ekiden's first victory when they were in their second year, “not only young athletes aiming for inter-hi, but also high school students and next-generation athletes affected by the new coronavirus can help. We have launched this project because we want to be a stepping stone to take that step in the world where new efforts and challenges will be asked from now on. I would like to support the generation of athletes."

In addition, in Hokkaido and Eniwa Kitataka era, he won three high school titles in a row. Terada, who established a new record in Japan after going through the twists and turns of a seven-person rugby and giving birth, said, "In high school, I thought, "We can do anything. High school students lost their goals for such an important time." With the support of many people when I was a high school student, I hope this project will help create a motivation to help high school students to regain their confidence and goals through this project. ".

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