Kitamura Maasa Ana manga artist debut: Women's Anna daily spell

Former TV Kanazawa, TV announcer "World Business Satellite [WBS]" [Monday-Friday 11:00 pm] field caster, free announcer Maasa Kitamura [32] made his debut as a cartoonist on the 19th.

Millennial [adult generation around 2000] The Asahi Shimbun's web page "telling," which tells women's way of life, has begun serialization of the manga "Mayoko goes through! This is a four-frame cartoon that spells out the everyday life of local announcer Mayoko.

Kitamura said, “Not only the gorgeous part, there are also mud-like places in the female announcer. I want to tell women that they are not just glittering or cluttering, especially for women to become “like female announcer”. ".

A native of Yokohama, Kitamura graduated from Seijo University's Faculty of Literature and joined TV Kanazawa in April 2011. He became free from November 2015, and is currently serving as an assistant etc. for TBS radio "Takayuki Hasumi collectively! Saturday" [Saturday 7:00 am]. Kitamura, who loved anime, started drawing manga when he started introducing the behind-the-scenes story of "WBS," a field caster, to SNS three years ago. I learned composition and drawing from various cartoons, and started drawing digitally using a pen-shaped mouse from the handwriting I have done so far.

"I would be really happy if you could watch Mayoko shine and grow even at the local station."

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