Kiyoshi Hikawa's new song "Mother"

The singer Kiyoshi Hikawa [42] will be on the 13th with Yutaka Yamakawa [61] Tosumi Tagawa [44] Kaori Mizumori [46] and other members of the Nagara group to which "Cultural Broadcasting x Nagara Group @ Joint RADIO! ”Served as a telephone operator.

Hikawa's masterpiece, “Hit the Limit x Survivor” is No. 1 and “OK” is No. 2, “I'm glad that you've been busy, but I'm glad you made a request. I'm honored. I want to do my best in 2020.” And showed a smile.

A new song "Mother" will be released on the 4th of next month. "After 20 years, I looked back and found my mother. At all times, I affirmed myself. I sing with my mother and many mothers from all over the world."

Yamakawa, who was the fifth operator this year, said, “I am used to answering calls. However, I couldn't write Kiyoshi's Kanji characters for“ breakthrough x survivor ”[laughs]. The long one talked for 5 or 10 minutes and it was inevitable. "

Tagawa said, "I realized that many people listened to songs and encouraged them."

Mizumori, who will release a new song "Setouchi @ Shodoshima" on next month, 18, said, "When I talked directly to the fans over the phone, I was able to hear various thoughts from everyone." I wanted to request a song for Kiyoshi, To Kaori-chan's song. "

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