Kiyoshiro Kato, the role of Soujiro with the same height in the musical "Ruroken" "It looks perfect"

The cast of the musical "Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Edition" in which actor Teppei Koike plays the role of Kenshin Himura, the main character, was broadcast live on the official YouTube channel on the 23rd, with Koike, Mario Kurobane, Yuya Matsushita, Kishiro Kato, Okuno. Takeshi (Otomo Odosando X from Aoyama), Ari Kisaki, Rio Suzuki, Ayayo Sena, Shohei, and Makiya Yamaguchi appeared. Each cast was announced, and it became clear that Kato will play the role of Sojiro Seta.

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