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Knockout with a stretchable punch! Battle action "Curvy Punch 3D": Excavation! Smartphone Game-Engadget Japan Version

We will introduce titles that are hot topics, interesting things, interesting things from smartphone games with as many stars as possible! Introducing "Curvy Punch 3D".


"Curvy Punch 3D" is a battle action game being distributed by VOODOO. Stretch out a flexible punch to knock out your opponent.


When the game starts, the battle will start. The purpose of this work is to "defeat the opponent", and the player wins if the opponent's physical strength gauge is reduced or it is knocked off the stage. First, place your finger on the virtual stick at the bottom of the screen and move the character while moving it in any direction.


To get a punch, slide your finger vigorously up the screen. At that time, if you slide your finger slightly around, the trajectory of the punch will change. The more you get used to it, the more you will "give your punches behind the obstacles." In any case, it is essential not only to shoot straight attacks but also to strike out fists so that the opponent does not understand.


Defeating an opponent will clear the stage, and you will receive a certain amount of coins as a reward. Use the coins you've earned to strengthen your character and continue playing to capture all stages.


"Curvy Punch 3D" is a casual system dedicated to single play, but you can feel the exhilaration of blowing off the opponent with a punch that can transform freely. If you are not good at interpersonal play, but like action games where you can beat each other, please check it out.



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