Kobayashi Sachiko "When I'm Patience Now" No children participate in the annual rice planting

It was revealed on the 8th that Yamakoshi elementary school children in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, would not participate in the annual "Kobayashi Yukikoda" planting due to the spread of the new coronavirus. It has been implemented throughout the lesson.

This year is the 15th time that Sachiko Kobayashi [66] from Niigata has been making rice with children and local housewives since 2006 in hopes of recovery from the 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake. Former Representative of the House of Representatives Tadami Nagashima [66 years old], who made a great effort to recover as a village mayor, provided land to Kobayashi, who inherited the will of recovery. Mr. Hisako's wife [67] of Mr. Nagashima said, “I'm not getting people because of the influence of corona. This year, I don't talk to my housewives or children, so I will plant rice in my own family around the end of May.” Explain.

Kobayashi said, "After the 2004 Chuetsu earthquake, we planted rice at" Kobayashi Sachiko ", which we have been praying for for the recovery of Yamakoshi in Niigata. I was looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the growing children and local moms every year, but it's time to be patient now. I hope we can meet everyone in that rice field. "

The area of ​​the rice field is about 500 square meters, and about 200 km of Koshihikari is harvested every year.

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