Kobe Bussan,Taiyo Yuden,learn information such as/today the attention of the individual stocks

<2345> Ice model 972 +71 strategy. The block chain using the Web3. 0 the realization of the block chain R&D companies to”Stake Technologies”, the block chain・the introduction of the development and continuous support services to sales and maintenance and operation procedures concerning a partnership and announced. The block chain of the business deployment force has been enhanced and the view ahead. The government’s economic measures related to education and ICT-related stocks as a high level of attention to that form.

<9409> TV Asahi HD 1958 +122 significantly negative. Toei<9605>Of the additional shares acquired equity method and presented. Voting rights ratio of the conventional 13%from 17. 77% of. Collaboration to strengthen content production to enhance the one you have and the anticipation is leading to. Also, short-term performance to the positive effects of such as incorporate a good to. The share transfer execution date 12 month 9 days. Incidentally, Toei also the synergies expected today to buy upfront and not have to.

<3193> Beak 2378 +103 significantly negative. Strong result announcements and 11 on growth in same-store sales shift to good feeling as the day before soared today, but also the upper limit up move is to continue getting in shape. The securities to the”C”from”B”to promote,the Fair also 1800 yen from 2,500 yen to have raised. Now for the full year,closing down unprofitable stores effects, store another profitable management such as cost reduction effects are expected, such as the performance of the recovery phase into the evaluation as such.

<6976> Taiyo Yuden 3055 +103 rebound. All-solid-state battery developed and announced,market attention is most likely one of the themes in the upcoming expansion, expect to be ignored by the deployment by. Some according to news reports, the 21 year also started mass production within a few years on 10 million production aims such as smart watches, such as small size products in the adoption of aims as well. The all-solid battery to MLCC technology can be utilized for, the company for electronic components companies in the areas of new businesses as expected.

<6806> Hirose electric 13660-300 indices. Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, target price 13200 yen 14300 yen raised for investment decisions”overweighted”from”equal weight”to downgrade you. Capital efficiency improvement expectations that stock prices will rise noted that,in the future, financial assets effective use of and returns to shareholders significant strengthening of the need and only that. Also, Automotive and industrial connectors for the sales of the recovery duration, as earnings forecasts have been lowered as well.

<6376> Nikkiso 1442 +47 significantly negative. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in investment decisions to”neutral”from”overweighted”, the target price is also 1300 from ¥ 1700 to ¥ raised. The business of value-added and low・unprofitable businesses, restructuring of advances,the low revenue from the off that was for analysis. In addition, future cash flow is improved by the challenges of our financial position also improved in the direction. 20 years 12 months ended operating income of the traditional 2 percent decline expected the change from earnings forecast revised upward.

<4044> Set glass 2765 +57 negative. AGC<5201>And domestic architectural glass business integration agreement and announced. Simple combined turnover 1000-1500 billion level expected. Tough revenue environment continued in the company, ahead of the business structural reform to implement the policy had shown. Synergies on the revenue expected to improve by buying upfront, but the integrated ratios and integrated scope of business, such as the details are unpublished, and the buying cycle after the somewhat sluggish movement as well.

<2301> Learn information 2055 +355 skyrocket. The day before 19 years 10 months fiscal period presented. Operating income results 19. 4 billion yen year on year to 33. 0%increase,the traditional expectations of 17. 9 billion yen land was. Job site”Re job hunting”sales increase in tow. For 20 years, 10 months, and 22. 3 billion in the 15. 1% increase,2 consecutive solid double-digit growth expected. 5-year mid-term plan announcement, 24 years 10 months ended ordinary income of 45 billion yen,19 years 10 months actual value of more than 2 times the level of aimed at.

<3038> Kobe Bussan 3580 +165 significantly negative. Mizuho Securities is the investment decisions of a new”Buy”,Target Price 4200 yen and. Your own FC model with differentiated products in the medium-to long-term growth there is a large and determined as. This weekend on the earnings announcement scheduled to be the only interest in the situation that have. Incidentally, 19 years 10 month period operating income,the company forecast of a 165 billion yen 19.3 billion yen,20 years 10 months period is 10. 9%increase to 214 million yen seems to have.

<7591> Excel 1561 +300 up high. Kaga<8154>Following the merger of the conduct and announced. In 2020, 4 month integration plan. The merger, the company’s major shareholders group office support, a subsidiary of the eleven, and the company wholly owned subsidiary in share exchange and the cash consideration and the share exchange carried out, followed by Kaga electronics for the company’s shares all transferred to the scheme. The share exchange consideration in 1610 yen Saya no aim, etc. 《US》

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