Kobe City and Japan MS Cooperate on New Corona Measures–Digitally Streamline Health Counseling and Benefit Support

Kobe City and Microsoft Japan [hereinafter referred to as “MS” in Japan] have taken the opportunity to take measures against the new coronavirus, “work style reform”, “promotion of a data collaboration platform for the realization of smart cities”, “digital human resource development and exchange”, “children and adolescents” In the four items of "Support for learning", we announced that we will conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement.

We aim to improve administrative services by actively utilizing rather than being used for advanced technology," says Kizo Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe.

We aim to improve administrative services by actively utilizing rather than being used for advanced technology," says Kizo Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe.

At the extraordinary conference held on June 4, Mr. Kizo Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe, Mr. Kiyoshi Tejima, Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Cloud & Solutions Business Headquarters from Microsoft Japan, and Yasushi Kimura, Executive Officer, General Manager of Digital Government Section. He attended online and was signed using a digital signature.

Both parties have been discussing mutual cooperation since April 2019, and it has been decided that the new coronavirus measures will be taken as a concrete cooperation. In order to create and implement advanced citizen services while utilizing cutting-edge technologies and data, we provide a cloud environment free of charge with Microsoft Power Platform and Azure to Kobe City. Utilizing Teams for remote work and health consultation chatbots. It is used for the development of.

Mayor Hisamoto said, "It is important that human beings are not dominated by technological evolution, it is important to utilize them, and I am convinced that this collaboration will build a relationship that can respond while facing a common direction" He introduced the three new coronavirus measures that are being implemented.

Health consultation chatbot for the new Corona

Employees have created a health consultation chatbot that can handle the same issues as a call center with many inquiries from citizens, using Power Virtual Agents, a chatbot creation service. You can do self-check before consulting with the call center, you can even see your doctor and guidance, and you can use your hearing impairment. The operation started on May 20, and there are about 100 uses a day.

Health counseling chatbot on the new coronavirus was launched by staff using Microsoft tools.

Health consultation about new coronavirus chatbot was launched by staff using Microsoft tools

Integration of new Corona data disclosure site and dashboard

The information providing site regarding the new coronavirus, which had been distributed by hand within the limited time and had to be updated manually, was significantly redesigned using the data analysis service Power BI, and rebuilt using the dashboard. did. Since the work has been greatly streamlined by the automatic update function and it has become easier to access information, the number of accesses has reached 10,000 per day since the announcement on June 1.

By integrating the information dissemination related to corona measures, the number of accesses exceeded 10,000 per day.

By integrating the information dissemination related to corona measures, the number of accesses exceeded 10,000 per day.

Special fixed benefit application confirmation status service [resident portal]

From May 29, a search site that allows you to check online about the application status of special fixed benefit payments, which has 40,000 inquiries to call centers per day, has been released. With 35,000 daily visits, call center inquiries could be reduced to 3000. Furthermore, on June 5, the automatic guidance service by voice call will be launched for the first time in Japan. The development was carried out in collaboration with KDDI Web Communications, Twilio Japan, etc., but the contents are being prepared by Kobe City staff.

▽It is said that these systems created for corona countermeasures will be released to GitHub as open source so that they can be operated by other local governments.

④Four axes were introduced as concrete activities to be carried out through comprehensive cooperation in the future.

In comprehensive cooperation, we will promote activities centered on four items.

Comprehensive collaboration promotes activities centered on four items

  • Implement work style reforms by promoting digital transformation, including online training for employees based on Microsoft knowledge and support for human resource development
  • Promote the data collaboration platform required to realize a smart city
  • Hold workshops and hold AI business schools to develop human resources capable of responding to digital shifts
  • Supporting learning for children and adolescents who actively utilize digital tools

Mr. Kozo Mori, Director of Information Technology Strategy Department, Planning and Coordination Bureau, Kobe City, said, “I have used chatbots before, but this health consultation chatbot is using Microsoft tools while receiving guidance, In a short time, we were able to realize a system that can flexibly respond using conditional branching."

Mayor Hisamoto said, “A sophisticated chatbot is one of the ways to improve administrative services. Although there are challenges, there are services that are wider than companies and can not be stopped by the judgment of the local government, so it is ideal. Speaking of which, we also want to aim to be able to support multiple tasks by utilizing AI.The promotion of a data linkage platform has great potential, and by providing various data to each department, it will improve the productivity of the task and We want to help increase satisfaction, and we are discussing how to create indicators for that purpose within the agency."

Automatic voice support will also start for the first time in Japan.

Automatic support by voice will also start for the first time in Japan

Mr. Kimura of Japanese MS said, "On May 20, we have signed a "New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Public-Private Partnership Project" agreement with the Cabinet Secretariat New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Promotion Office, but in cooperation with the government, Kobe City For the first time, I would like to cooperate with the government and the promotion of digital transformation in Kobe City, including normal work such as remote work."

Similarly, Mr. Teshima said, "In cooperation with the city of Kobe, which is promoting innovation with an open and diverse organization, we are responsible for working with the government and other companies to work toward a new normal world without returning to sudden changes. I feel.” He said that he would like to aim for the realization of administrative services and support that are close to Kobe City and its citizens, and that various movements are likely to be realized in the future.

In addition to corona countermeasures, we will cooperate with digital transformation.

In addition to corona countermeasures, we will continue to collaborate on digital transformation

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