Kobe-Kamaishi OB battle announced, Toshiyuki Hayashi and Yuji Matsuo captain

Rugby Kobe Steel OB-Nippon Steel Kamaishi OB Legend Match [Noevir Stadium Kobe on the 26th] participating members were announced on the 23rd. Kobe celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on January 1 of this year, and Iwate and Kamaishi were also affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Teams that have both won the championship for the seventh consecutive year will struggle to keep the memories and lessons of the earthquake from weathering.

Former Kobe Steel OB will be led by Toshiyuki Hayashi [59], a former Japan representative, and will form a starting lock combination with Atsushi Oyagi [58]. Nippon Steel Kamaishi OB is also a luxurious member, with Yuji Matsuo [66] as captain and Yoshihiko Sakuraba [53] ahead of time. The game will start at 11:20 am and will be a 10-minute half, and will be the undercard for the Top League Kobe Steel-Suntory [starting at 1:00 pm].

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