Kobe Steel acquires Hayano Hamada by reimportation “ can be one-line class ''

Kobe Steel, aiming for two consecutive victories in the Rugby Top League, has won the "reimport" age of 18.

On the 6th, four new players this spring are announced. Junta Hamano [18], who handles CTB and WTB from Rotorua Boys High School in New Zealand, joins as a professional contract. He was born in Hita, Mita, and played at a local school until junior high school. I crossed the sea from high school. He was caught in the scout with a 180cm, 93kg gassy body and participated as a trainee from the end of last year. Stakeholders have said that "contact and physical strength is strong. I can become a first-class player in the future." Hamano commented, "I will try to get my sleeves through my red jersey as soon as possible."

Hooker Matsuoka Kenta [22] of Meiji University, Ryo Kazuzuka Ryokan [22] of Distribution Keio University, and WTB Kosuke Naka [22] of Seki Gaku University, a seven-member representative from Japan, also announced.

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