Kobe Steel warns Japan National Team CTB Nakamura against Suntory

Kobe Steel, aiming for two consecutive victories in the top rugby league, has adjusted for the Suntory match [Noevir Stadium on the 26th] in Kobe on the 24th.

Last year's final was a big win with 55-5. Still, the opponent will be the 19th World Cup [World Cup] Japan National Team CTB Ryoto Nakamura [28] who will be the first member of the season to start.

Former New Zealand national team SO Dan Carter [37], who is aiming for the opening three consecutive victories, said, "He [Nakamura] is a great player. He warned Nakamura first and said, "There are a lot of high-skilled players, but I have to stop. There are players who can score alone. I believe in the system and want to stop the opponent."

However, Kobe Steel's representative, Prop Nakajima Isileri [30], will start first this season.

In the previous section, powerful scrums grasped the response to the weapon Yamaha motor opponent, and 15th World Cup Japan National Team Prop Hiroshi Yamashita [34] said, "Ishi comes out and the field [characteristic] improves and the scrum can not lose. I want to fight where Ishi is the easiest to assemble. I won't let a good ball go out in set play. "

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