Kodansha and SoftBank collaborate to promote xR Live-opening “ Mixalive TOKYO ''

SoftBank and Kodansha announced on March 27 that they will work together to promote xR Live, which provides a new experience by fusing the real and virtual worlds.

According to both, in recent years, advances in video and communication technologies have enabled xR Live to provide unprecedented live production and an interactive experience between the audience and the artist. In addition, various events involving anime characters and virtual YouTubers are being held, and the popularity is growing.

Kodansha plans to open “Mixalive TOKYO” [2 basement floors, 9 floors above ground * excluding 1st to 3rd floors], a base for distributing LIVE entertainment content nationwide and worldwide, in cooperation with partner companies [Open date has not been determined].

SoftBank Corp. will build a fifth-generation mobile communication system [5G] network environment on all floors of "Mixalive TOKYO" and cooperate to promote the spread of new LIVE entertainment content.

Furthermore, “Mixalive TOKYO” is connected to Odaiba lab of “5G × IoT Studio” equipped with MEC [Multi-Access Edge Computing] server. The company will provide a trial environment for companies using "Mixalive TOKYO" to develop and create new LIVE entertainment content utilizing 5G.

In addition, Kodansha's content, such as characters, and Softbank's 5G network and MEC server are used. Next-generation xR utilizing the latest technology, such as the animation character reacting to the cheering and calling of the audience in real time, or pressing the cheer button on the favorite character from the smartphone, the character reacts according to the number pressed, etc. The company will work together to provide a live experience.

Mixalive TOKYO image

Mixalive TOKYO image

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