Kodokan director Saburo Matsushita died in a new corona, 84 years old

Mr. Saburo Matsushita, a director of Kodokan and a vice-chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation [Zenjuren], died on the 19th due to pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. Kodokan announced on the 20th. I was 84 years old.

Mr. Matsushita was found positive on the 13th. I was sick on the 15th and was admitted to a hospital in Kanagawa prefecture.

Born in Kagoshima prefecture. During the Nihondai era, he was known as a rival of Akio Kaminaga of Meiji University in the 64th Tokyo Olympics Indiscriminate Silver Medal, and played an active part in winning the All Japan Student Championship twice. After retirement, served as the first public relations chairman of Zenjuren, managing director, and vice chairman. At the 2003 World Championships in Osaka, he served as chairman of the Special Committee on Countermeasures against New Pneumonia [SARS]. He has also been appointed as a director at the Japan Olympic Committee [JOC] and Kodokan, and in recent years he has been teaching as Kodankan Judo 9th Dan.

At Kodokan, the training was canceled from February 27th. In principle, staff members work from home until May 6. At Zenjuren, which has a secretariat in the Kodo hall, there is a cluster of 19 people [infected population] including officers and employees.

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